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Our Vision

Mission, Vision and Values

  • To make Heaven

  • To take as many with you as possible.

  • Live a life of Holiness.

  • Preach the gospel throughout the world.

  • Plant churches

Mandate for missions

  • Missions to groom and develop mature disciples, raise leaders that will in turn raise other leaders.

  • Missions to our immediate communities; reaching the lost for Christ,  using every available means to depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of God.

  • Missions to reach other parts of the world with the word of God and financial help.

How are we set to achieve these?

A cultivation of true worship in our churches.

Building of lasting friendships and relationships, provision of unique family environment and family ties strengthened.

Converts turning into true and solid disciples.

Disciples moving up to provide services for the Lord and profiting with their gifting. Opportunities are available and given to as many as are willing to take it. People are trained and released into their ministries. (forum for serving God).

All members of our churches turning into true witnesses and getting committed more than ever to the great commission. This will in turn lead to the un-reached in our immediate communities becoming reached and assimilated into the body of Christ.